Optimize Your Rooms

Homes usually have designated rooms already laid out.  When you walk into virtually any home you can immediately distinguish the bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry room, family room, living room, formal dining and kitchen.  Very rarely do can you just up and move the kitchen, bathrooms or laundry to a different area of your home without spending a ton of money.  But the other rooms are somewhat flexible.  A bedroom can be made into an office or a library simply by changing the decor.  I wanted to share with you my latest move.  Like most we hardly ever use our formal dining room.  It seems like it just sits empty and collects stuff on the table top.  Additionally, we never use our formal living room.  We just aren’t a formal family.  With two dogs and 4 teens it is all about making  rooms work for daily living.  So with that in mind I changed my rooms.  I moved my dining room to the front of the house which is meant to be the formal living room.  And I moved my living room into the room that is designated to be the dining room.  The results are so much better.  Already we are using the new (old) dining room.  It actually feels more like a sun room with all the light that pours in and the bright robin egg color on the walls.  I just love it.  And the “new” dining room while it isn’t in use it does allow me to set it for each season which is fun.  The table is rather big since there are six of us and it just fits better in the larger space.  The Hidden Penny TIP….don’t let your rooms dictate what they are for but rather you set up your home in a way that works best for you and your family.

Here is to a Happy Home,

The Hidden Penny

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