More Christmas @The Hidden Penny


In the same room I added lights around our french doors.  The two twig wreaths stay up year around and with no bows.  I do add bows for Thanksgiving (see previous post) and Christmas.  Also I am thinking ahead I will leave the white lights up to add some warmth and ambiance to the room all winter long.


We have a brown sectional in our family room.  I keep it covered because with 4 teens and 2 dogs it would be silly not to.  The sectional always has a few decorative pillows on it and instead of buying new ones for every season I simply change the pillow covers.  The red and white pillow is one I use for 4th of July decor but loved how it added a pop of festive to the decor.  Love items that can serve more than one purpose.



Our french doors lead  to our porch where we have a table and a hammock which is so relaxing.  I simply used a wreath I had from years past and fluffed up the old ribbon.  On the table I pulled an old Christmas table cloth and added a mason jar with left over tree branches and red ribbon.  So cute and festive.

We have an additional room aka a formal living room, but I’m not formal so it isn’t either.  I added a few touches here for a bit of Christmas as well.  My favorite the gold Christmas trees.  From Pier One and very reasonably priced.  I also found in my old Christmas stuff the little green tree with the cardinal on top also from Pier One.  The tree is actually measuring cups stacked on top of each other, but it so cute I use it for decor only.  The twig wreaths are carried in this room as well to add cohesiveness to the entire downstairs.  They too stay up year around.  I added another Christmas pillow to the sofa and yes it too is just a Christmas pillow cover.  And I must confess because I am not a big fan of Christmas decorating I cheated and used ready made bows for this room.  I was delighted with how nice they look once they are fluffed up and they are cheap and I didn’t have to spend time making them.  Win Win!!!  Oh by the way, the blanket is to protect the leather sofa from the dogs.  This room will be getting a paint makeover soon.  So be on the look out.  Going a little bit lighter with the color.


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