Christmas front door decor and the Christmas Tree

As I shared before I am not big on decorated for Christmas but I do like to add a few things.  The front porch is decorated simply.  By adding ribbon to a light string I created an alternative to the regular garland most people use.  The two little trees are from years past and this year I put them in an apple basket which I dry painted white.  Wrapped red ribbon around the post and added Santa hanging from the window.  Simple, but fun and festive.  Once the season is over it won’t take much to take all this down and that is the best part.

Now for the main character…THE CHRISTMAS TREE

Our 2016 Christmas tree.  I love this tree.  Decided to put in in the front entrance of the house so it can be seen from all the rooms.  We like it so much we decided that we will keep it up until mid January, who says it has to come down January 1st.  I will remove all the ornaments but leave the lights.  I love this ideas because we get to keep the tree longer and it will add much needed glow to the early dark days of winter.


Merry Christmas to all…

   And to all a goodnight!

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