The “Real” reason for the season

I don’t really like nativity scenes however I do have two to help us remember who we are really celebrating.  The set that looks like ceramic or wood is my oldest favorite.   She has already called dibs on it when she moves out.  Unfortunately I dropped poor Joseph broke his head off and that that was the end of it.  So last year I found the second nativity set which is handmade abroad and has an angel, a Christmas tree and two animals and of course the main characters Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus.  I simply placed them in a silver platter I had laying around and put them right in our living area.  I thought I would not be able to fix Joseph but thanks to my handy dandy glue gun he is back and in great condition.  Now I’m thinking I might give each of my kids a nativity scene the year they leave home.  Wouldn’t that be a great reminder of why we celebrate and a special gift from home.  How about you do you like nativity scenes?

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