The Hidden Penny@Home for the Holidays

I am not one to take things down and swap them out for each season.  I much prefer to add a few touches and keep the staples in place.  My mantel always has the plants, artichokes, starfish and big abstract picture.  For Christmas and with the help of my dear friend Pinterest I decided to do the following.

I added all six of our stockings along with the stocking holders I purchased years ago at Pier 1.  I then added a deep red scarf to the chair that sits next to the fire place.  I embellished a beige pillow with a little Christmas pine cone thingy I had laying around.  I then added the ribbon I was using this year to make it look like a gift.  On the other side I added a antique mini red wagon with two mini Xmas trees and a teddy bear.  My favorite for sure.  I thought I was done but I wasn’t.  I’ll show you guys soon what I added to complete my Christmas Mantel.  Stay tuned!!!

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