Our Fall Home

I thought I was done with my fall decorations outside but then decided it needed a punch of color and a little more interest was needed.  So here is what I did…first over the garage I have a twine wreath.  I change the bow out according to the holiday and if we don’t have a holiday it sits as is and still looks cute.  I chose an orange ribbon and a ribbon with a geometric shape.

img_3149At the mailbox I added some of the same ribbons to have it all work together.

Now we move to the front entrance.  I didn’t change anything from before I just added more.  So as I stated before the gorgeous front door wreath is one I have from last year.  Got it from Pier 1 and it was very pricey but well worth the money.  I then added two bows to the end of the rails to draw color to the white banisters.  I had one pumpkin and decided it needed a friend so added a second and included the same ribbon on both.  Then I added these adorable pumpkin spice canisters that I got on clearance at Hobby Lobby.  I don’t like  fake flowers but I figured for this purpose it worked so I went with it.  I love my fall entrance and will be so excited to display again next year.


Front Entrance BEFORE….

img_3164Front Entrance AFTER!  The extra little touches make a huge difference.  Now if I could just get hubby to get all the leaves up it would be perfect.

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